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Fitness Technology's Mid-Thigh Pull Rigs - Overview

Introducing very fast squad member mid thigh pull testing capabilities on all 400 Series Force Plates with portable MTP rig or within the FT700 Power cage systems.

400 S force plate and MTP Rig

The Mid Thigh Pull Rig allows for quick and very safe method of determining maximal strength of any and every athlete regardless of their strength training background. Avoids technique issues common to 1RM isotonic testing such as back squat but has high correlation with 1RM back squat. Please see: McGuigan and Winchester 2008.

The following video shows Julian Jones the Head of Strength and Conditioning at the AIS, explaining the correct technique for measuring athletes’ strength using one of their FT 400 S force plates with a Mid Thigh Pull rig (MTP) attachment. It also recording a MTP test with our BMS software program screen capture and all done in real time at the Port Adelaide FC