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Curve 3 Treadmill - Technical and Scientific Documents

Technical Documents

Technical Note - Data quality and parameter validity from 1,000 Hz versus 200 Hz sampling frequency on the Curve3 and Force3 Treadmills. (.pdf)

Fitness Technology (FT) Intellectual Property (IP) - historical background Prepared by Ian Crossing Managing Director and FT founder.

How to mount the 600 pulse tacho on the curve 3 treadmill (.pdf)

Threshold for Flight in the Pacer performance software (.pdf)

Windows KMS, BMS, InnerBalance Pacer program crash prevention (OS Power Settings)

Setting the Language Options to English for Correct Operation of Fitness Technology Software.

Portable Appliance Testing Warning (.pdf)

How to record a .wav audio file for use in Pacer Performance System software - program designer (.pdf)

Scientific Documents

Physical and psychomotor performance of Australian football and rugby league officials during a match simulation (.pdf)
Nathan Elsworthy, Darren Burke abd Ben J. Dascombe

Non-motorized Treadmill Running Is Associated with Higher Cardiometabolic Demands Compared with Overground and Motorized Treadmill Running(.pdf)
Robert B. Edwards, Paul J. Tofari, Stuart J. Cormack and Douglas G. Whyte

The Effect of an 80-Minute Intermittent Running Protocol on Hamstrings Strength: Implications for the Increased Susceptibility to Hamstrings Injury (.pdf)
Warren A. Andrews, Narohiro Hori, Brian Dawson and Robert U. Newton

Comparison of Two Running Intensity Groups: Effects on Concentric and Eccentric Hamstrings Torque Following an 80- Minute Intermittent Running Protocol (.pdf)
Warren A. Andrews, Naruhiro Hori, Naoki Kawamori, Brian Dawson, Robert U. Newton

A Comparison of Different Recovery Practices during the Half-Time of a Simulated Team Sport Match on Subsequent Repeated Sprint Ability (.pdf)
Aaron Coutts

Effects of Running Velocity on Running Kinetics and Kinematics (.pdf)
Matt Brughelli, John Cronin, and Anis Chaouachi

Physiological and Performance Test Correlates of Prolonged, High-Intensity, Intermittent Running Performance in Moderately Trained Women Team Sport Athletes (.pdf)
Anita C. Sirotic and Aaron J. Coutts

The Reliability of a Team Sport-Specific Running Protocol on a Non-Motorised Treadmill (.pdf)
Anita Sirotic, Neil Russell and Aaron Coutts

Reliability of the Woodway Curve Non-Motorized Treadmill for Assessing Anaerobic Performance
Adam M. Gonzalez , Adam J. Wells, Jay R. Hoffman, Jeffrey R. Stout, Maren S. Fragala, Gerald T. Mangine, William P. McCormack, Jeremy R. Townsend, Adam R. Jajtner, Nadia S. Emerson and Edward H. Robinson IV

The Reliability and Validity of Short-Distance Sprint Performance Assessed on a Nonmotorized Treadmill
Jamie M. Highton,Kevin L. Lamb,Craig Twist, And Ceri Nicholas

Reliability of physiological and performance measures during simulated team-sport running on a non-motorized treadmill (.pdf)
Anita C. Sirotic and Aaron J. Coutts

The validity of endurance running performance on the Curve 3 non-motorised treadmill (.pdf)
Christopher J. Stevens, Jake Hacene, Benjamin Wellham, Dean V. Sculley, Robin Callister, Lee Taylor and Ben J. Dascombe

A Self-Paced Intermittent Protocol on a Non-Motorised Treadmill: A Reliable Alternative to Assessing Team-Sport Running Performance (.pdf)
Paul J. Tofari, Blake D. McLean, Justin Kemp and Stuart Cormack