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400S+ Performance Force Plate - Technical and Scientific Documents

Technical Documents

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400S+ Performance Force Plate Manual

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Testing the PT5A position Transducer and associated cables (.pdf)

Ballistic Measurement System – Which Outcome Measures Should I Use?(.pdf)

Ballistic Measurement System – What are the priority outcome measures for each test type?(.pdf)

Scientific Documents

Influence Of Grip Type on Peak Force During Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull and Its Relationship With Hand Grip Strength In Elite Badminton Players. (.pdf)
Vorramate Prajongjai , Wadee Pramkratok And Tongthong Songsupap

Balancing Injury Risk and Power Development by Weighted Jump Squat Through Controlling Eccentric Loading. (.pdf)
Tongthong Songsupap, Robert U. Newton, and Chaipat Lawsirirat

Modulation of Countermovement Jump–Derived Markers of Neuromuscular Function With Concurrent vs. Single-Mode Resistance Training (.pdf)
Kristy J. Pattison, Eric J. Drinkwater, David J. Bishop, Nigel K. Stepto, and Jackson J. Fyfe

Is Nine Weeks of Complex Training Effective For Improving Lower Body Strength, Explosive Muscle Function, Sprint and Jumping Performance? (.pdf)
Scott W Talpey, Warren B Young and Natalie Saunders

Effect of Instructions On Selected Jump Squat Variables. (.pdf)
Scott W. Talpey, Warren B. Young and Bradley Beseler

The Acute Effects of Conventional, Complex and Contrast Protocols On Lower-Body Power. (.pdf)
Scott W. Talpey, Warren B. Young, And Natalie Saunders

Relationships Between Lower Body Muscle Structure and Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Peak Force. (.pdf)
John J. McMahon, Jordan T. Stapley, Timothy J. Suchomel, Paul Comfort

Comparison of Four Different Methods to Measure Power Output During the Hang Power Clean and the Weighted Jump Squat. (.pdf)
Naruhiro Hori, Robert U. Newton, Warren A. Andrews, Naoki Kawamori, Michael R. Mcguigan, and Kazunori Nosaka

Using Reactive Strength Index-Modified as an Explosive Performance Measurement Tool In Division 1 Athletes (.pdf)
Timothy J. Suchomel, Christopher A. Bailey, Christopher J. Sole, Jacob L. Grazer, and George K. Beckham

Assessing the Force-Velocity Characteristics of the Leg Extensors in Well-Trained Athletes: The Incremental Load Power Profile. Also a report on the validity and reliability of the 400s force plate and BMS Software for a range of measures. see table 2 from this paper (.pdf)
Sheppard et al JSCR 2008.

Influence of Rest Interval Duration on Muscular Power Production in the Lower-Body Power Profile. (.pdf)
Maria L. Nibali, Dale W. Chapman, Robert A. Robergs, and Eric J. Drinkwater

Relative Importance of Strength, Power and Anthropometric Measures to Jump Performance of Elite Volleyball Players. (.pdf)
Jeremy M. Sheppard, John B. Cronin, Tim J. Gabbett, Michael R. Mcguigan, Naroa Etxebarria, and Robert U. Newton

The Effect of Accentuated Eccentric Load on Jump Kinetics in High-Performance Volleyball Players (.pdf)
Jeremy Sheppard, Rob Newton, and Mike McGuigan

The Effect of Training with Accentuated Eccentric Load Counter-Movement Jumps on Strength and Power Characteristics of High-Performance Volleyball Players (.pdf)
Jeremy Sheppard, Suki Hobson, Michael Barker, Kristie Taylor, Dale Chapman, Mike McGuigan and Rob Newton

Reliability Assessment of Ballistic Jump Squats and Bench Throws (.pfdf)
Joseph A. Alemany, Clay E. Pandorf, Scott J. Montain, John W. Castellani, Alexander P. Tuckow and Bradley C. Nindl

Anabolic Exercise for Health (.ppt)
Dr. Robert Newton

Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation on Recovery From Repeated Bouts of Resistance Exercise (.pdf)
Neva G. Avery, Jennifer L. Kaiser, Matthew J. Sharman, Timothy P. S Cheett, Dawn M. Barnes, Ana L. Go ´ Mez, William J. Kraemer and Jeff S. Volek

Methods to Increase the Effectiveness of Maximal Power Training for the Upper Body (.pdf)
Daniel Baker,MHS,CSCS; Robert U.Newton,PhD,CSCS

Acute Effect on Power Output of Alternating an Agonist and Antagonist Muscle Exercise During Complex Training (.pdf)
Daniel Baker and Robert U. Newton

Four Weeks of Optimal Load Ballistic Resistance Training at The End of Season Attenuates Declining Jump Performance of Women Volleyball Players (.pdf)
Robert U. Newton, Ryan A. Rogers, Jeff S. Volek, Keijo Ha ¨Kkinen and William J. Kraemer

Changes In Strength and Power Qualities Over Two Years In Volleyball Players Transitioning From Junior to Senior National Team (.pdf)
Jeremy M. Sheppard, Emily Nolan, and Robert U. Newton

The Acute Effects of a Single Set of Contrast Preloading on a Loaded Countermovement Jump Training Session (.pdf)
Ross A. Clark, Adam L. Bryant, and Peter Reaburn

Reliability of Measures Obtained During Single and Repeated Countermovement Jumps (.pdf)
Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan and Tim L.A. Doyle

Determining the Optimal Load for Jump Squats: A review Of Methods and Calculations (.pdf)
Eric L. Dugan, Tim L.A. Doyle, Brendan Humphries, Christopher J. Hasson, and Robert U. Newton

The Acute Effects of Heavy Loads on Jump Squat Performance: An Evaluation of the Complex and Contrast Methods of Power Development (.pdf)
Grant M. Duthie, Warren B. Young, and David A. Aitken

Does Performance of Hang Power Clean Differentiate Performance of Jumping, Sprinting and Changing Of Direction? (.pdf)
Naruhiro Hori, Robert U. Newton, Warren A. Andrews, Naoki Kawamori, Michael R. Mcguigan and Kazunori Nosaka

Comparison of Different Methods of Determining Power Output in Weightlifting Exercises (.pdf)
Naruhiro Hori, MS,CSCS,NSCA-CPT; Robert U.Newton, PhD, CSCS; Kazunori Nosaka, PhD; Michael R. McGuigan, PhD

Weightlifting Exercises Enhance Athletic Performance That Requires High-Load Speed Strength (.pdf)
Naruhiro Hori, MS, Robert U.Newton, PhD, Kazunori Nosaka, PhD and Michael H. Stone, PhD

The Effects of Amino Acid Supplementation on Muscular Performance During Resistance Training Overreaching (.pdf)
Nicholas A. Ratamess, William J. Kraemer, Jeff S. Volek, Martyn R. Rubin, Ana L. Go ´ Mez, Duncan N. French, Matthew J. Sharman, Michael M. Mcguigan, Timothy Scheett, Keijo Ha ¨Kkinen, Robert U. Newton and Francesco Dioguardi

Eccentric Utilization Ratio: Effect of Sport and Phase of Training (.pdf)
Michael R. Mcguigan, Timothy L.A. Doyle, Michael Newton, Dylan J. Edwards, Sophia Nimphius, and Robert U. Newton

Velocity Specificity of Resistance Training: Actual Movement Velocity Versus Intention to Move Explosively (.pdf)
Naoki Kawamori, MS, CSCS; Robert U.Newton, PhD, CSCS

Neuromuscular and Endocrine Responses of Elite Players During an Australian Rules Football Season (.pdf)
Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan, and Prue Cormie

Assessing the Force-Velocity Characteristics of the Leg Extensors In Well-Trained Athletes: The Incremental Load Power Profile (.pdf)
Jeremy M. Sheppard, Stuart Cormack, Kristie-Lee Taylor, Michael R. Mcguigan, and Robert U. Newton

Increasing Compliance to Instructions In the Squat Jump (.pdf)
Jeremy M. Sheppard and Tim L. A. Doyle