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Mid-Thigh Pull Rig Options - Technical and Scientific Documents

Technical Documents

Fitness Technology (FT) Intellectual Property (IP) - historical background Prepared by Ian Crossing Managing Director and FT founder - 31st March 2020

The FT700 MTP Rig (.pdf)

Portable MTP Shipping Details (.pdf)

Portable MTP With LPT Shipping Details (.pdf)

Windows KMS, BMS, InnerBalance Pacer program crash prevention (OS Power Settings)

400 Series Force Plate Manual

Setting the Language Options to English for Correct Operation of Fitness Technology Software.

The 400 Series Force Plate Aluminium Transit Case (.pdf)

Replacing a Load Cell in the 400S force Plate (.pdf)

Why we developed the 400 Series Force Plate (.pdf)

Advantages of the Ballistic Measurement System Software (.pdf)

How to Replace the Polystone on the FT700 Power Cage (.pdf)

How to Instal the Mid-Thigh Pull Rig in the FT700 Power Cage with the 400S Force Plate Sorround (.pdf)

Ruskin's Law (.pdf)

Current Fitness Technology E-News(.pdf)

Scientific Documents

Relationships Between Lower Body Muscle Structure and Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Peak Force. (.pdf)
John J. McMahon, Jordan T. Stapley, Timothy J. Suchomel, Paul Comfort

The Effect of Loading on Kinematic and Kinetic Variables During the Mid-thigh Clean Pull (.pdf)
Paul Comfort, Rebecca Udall, and Paul A. Jones

The Relationship Between Isometric and Dynamic Strength In College Football Players
Michael R. Mcguigan and Jason B. Winchester