Performance Measurement, Training and Rehabilitation Equipment

Kinematic Measurement System - Overview

An inexpensive yet powerful tool used to measure agility, anaerobic power, cutting speed, sprint speed, jump height and power, contact time, foot speed, gait timings, interval training, functional capacity etc.

Kinematic Measurement System

The Kinematic Measurement System (KMS) is a computerised system for testing and training athletes and patients.

The latest OptoSmart Sensor removes the need for a reflector unit. This reduces setup time and alignment errors.

OptoSmart Timing Light

This OptoSmart Sensor also removes the need for a double adaptor and is almost half the size of the original OptoSmart sensor. When the beam is tripped a signal is set back to the XPV6+ interface that is connected to a PC via a USB lead. The software then uses false signal processing to determine the correct signal (see False Signal Processing for More Info).

OptoSmart Timing Light

The OptoSmart can also be set to operate at any distance up to 2 metres from the sensor.

OptoSmart Timing Light showing Range