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Support and Warranty Information

You can contact our support group via email, telephone or via our postal address below.

Warranty and online support

Software technical support is available from  Fitness Technology’s support engineers.  Initial support inquiries - send a support request to (Note: replace at with @ symbol - SPAM protection measure) Just provide an outline of the issue - a screen grab is helpful (via Fn+PrtSc Key)  With all KMS and BMS software on the  front page go to Help\System Report copy that text also send these details too.

In the first 12 months from the equipment purchase date - the first 2 hours online support is free of charge.  Thereafter an invoice will be submitted to clients requesting support with our details for a Bank  EFT payment.  The invoice cost will be  based in increments of 15 minute time periods spent here.   Most issues are fixed online in 15 – 30 minutes.  Real time support is also available via Skype which enables our support engineers to speak with clients to take them through the steps whilst viewing their PC screen at the same time (Skype anywhere is free of all phone costs.)

Product Support Email: (Note: replace at with @ symbol - SPAM protection measure)

Website Support Email: (Note: replace at with @ symbol - SPAM protection measure)

Australia Mobile Phone Direct: 0418815400

International Mobile Phone Direct: +61418815400

Postal Address:

PO Box 139

Suburb: Fullarton

State: South Australia

Post Code: 5063

Country: Australia