Performance Measurement, Training and Rehabilitation Equipment

PT5A Linear Position Transducer - Adding Aditional Equipment

The PT5A linear Position Transducer (LPT) Can be used with More Fitness Technology Equipment.

The starting point is the PT5A with the XPV6+ Interface. This can be used for collection of accurate velocity and displacement data and supply calculated force and power data.

PT5A Linear position Transducer with XPV6+ Interface

The next step up is the Addition of the 400 Series force plate to get accurate measures of both displacement and Force/Power

PT5A Linear Position Transducer with $00 Series Force Plate

Then the Ultimate setup is the FT700 Power Cage with Magentic Braking System, Over head PT5A linear position Transducer and the 400 Series Force Plate

FT700 Power Cage with Magnetic Braking System