Performance Measurement, Training and Rehabilitation Equipment

FT700 Power Cage - Unique Features

1. The FT700 is specifically designed for the MBU option with an overhead tracking system that positions the Brake and Cable at 90 degrees to the Olympic Bar. It can be set to any required eccentric braking load from 0 - 170 Kg / 374 lb eccentric brake load setting.

2. The FT700 has square top which maximizes the MBU tracking movement range.

3. The FT MBU cable retraction mechanism is designed to counterbalance out the weight of a 20 Kg Olympic Bar. Hence Discs added to the Bar are the concentric weights used. This means anyone can use this machine from light weight patients to powerful elite athletes in training.

4. The MBU on the Power Cage has a mounting to attach our PT5A Position Transducer to track the Olympic Bar speed, velocity, power, etc.

5. The work area is large enough to enable the FT 400 Series Performance Force Plate to be used in conjunction with the MBU and PT5A position Transducer.

6. The MBU, BMS and 400 Series Force Plate can be used simultaneously to measure and record data in real time for both open and closed chain applications.