Performance Measurement, Training and Rehabilitation Equipment

FT700 Power Cage - Multi-Exercise Station

See below for a short video of AFL Players at West Coast Eagles using their Fitness Technology FT700 3.42 Metre High Power Cage with Magnetic Brake Unit.

Note the 2 new optional accessory stations in use:

• Chinning Bar - can be height set for even the tallest players in the squad without having to bend their knees whilst chinning. Height adjustments are in 70mm / 3'' increments on the 3 Metre high Uprights

• Taper shaped Dips Bar - improves biomechanics - fits every player without any upper arm gap to the torso. Parallel Dips Bars do not cater for players of different torso widths. Also in use simultaneously:

• Internal Work Area with safety bars and Barbell hooks

• External Work Area with safety bars and Barbell hooks

• All the above applications have 30 x fast snap lock fully adjustable height locking positions in 70mm increments along the 3M High columns . Major 'Multi Station FT700' advantages based on professional feedback:

• Total footprint area is 2.98 L x 1.25 W = 3.73 Square Metres

• Total required floor space work area is a maximum of 3.58 L x 4.24 W = 15.18 Square Metres (3.8 Sq M / player on this set up)

• Significantly improves the training time efficiency within the gym for all players - it cuts down waiting time with squads. Hence time on the floor /session is reduced

• Significantly saves on gym floor space area

The FT700 History

• The FT700 was initially designed to enable the Magnetic Braking Unit (MBU) and the PT5A Position Transducer to sit on it; to achieve set concentric exercise loads with set eccentric braking loads with the results auto recorded via the BMS Software onto an Excel Spreadsheet

• The FT700 further evolved from listening to the functions the professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches would like from a Power Cage.

• Recently the Fitness Technology 400 Series Performance Force Plate has been added to the System to record the Force being produced through feet of the athlete; this data is also auto recorded

• The ongoing feedback is producing a Power Cage to meet the present and future specific demands of the professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches

The FT700 accessories

• The adjustable Height, Chinning Bar, Dips Bar was the result of this feedback

• Like the Internal and External Work Areas, the Chinning Bar and Dips Bar on the 3 M High work area uprights also have 30 x adjustable height positions in increments of 70mm (3'')

• The FT700 meets the working requirements of all athlete heights

• The FT700 is a dynamic Power Cage: Coaches purchasing it can look forward to more attachments becoming available, as the feedback results in producing more exercise features