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400 Series Force Plate - Advantages

What our force plates can do that is simply not possible to do on a dual force plate system!

The 400 Series Force Plate is Simple to setup as it only has two cable connections.

Force Plate

The first of these is a USB cable for connecting the Force Plate to your PC or Laptop. This is the only connection required to power the Force Plate.

Force Plate

The second cable is a Cat5e cable for connecting the optional PT5A Linear Position Transducer.

There are four adjustable feet to help level the platform on uneven surfaces. The video below demonstrates how this is done.

Key Features of the specifically designed 400 Series Performance Force Plate:

1. Optimal design for athlete performance measurement

2. Low cost

3. High speed and reliable data transfer via the USB interface to the computer

4. Requires no external power source - Powered from USB port

5. Portable - A very portable unit for on the spot athlete performance measurements

6. Light weight - 17 Kgs (37.4 lb) with Aluminum Framed Platform with a Carbon Fibre Top

7. Non-slip Carbon Fibre top for heavy duty performance (but very light in weight –unlike all Force Plates with metal tops)

8. Dimensions: 795mmL x 795mm W x 100mm H (32'' x 32 x 4'')

9. Low profile - only 100mm High ( 4'')

10. Automatic down load of Test results - onto Excel Spreadsheet for analysis and storage

11. Dynamic Software - Future Software feature developments will expand the capabilities of the Force Plate, making it more versatile. Customers will be kept informed of these new features, as they are developed