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400 Series Force Plate - Aluminium Transit Case

The completely packed 400S Force Plate Unit has a total mass of less than 32Kg (FP with feet and cables 19.5 Kg, Carry Case less than 11.5 Kg = 31 Kg.) This means it can be checked in as regular baggage on commercial airlines where normal max limit per item is 32Kg.

Force Plate Aluminium Transit Case

The carry case is made from fabricated Aluminium RHS frame with 1mm thick Aluminium sheets on the base & top. The Aluminium Case (0.88L x 0.86W x 0.14H Weight = 11.5Kg) can easily be lifted by one or two people with the FP locked inside.

Force Plate Aluminium Transit Case

When the 400S plate is fitted and the 4 x lid connection screws are secured it forms a solid transit unit with nil internal movement possible. A Metric No.5 Allen Key secures the lid and base case halves for transit. This Allen key + the below stated carry strap can be carried as aircraft hand luggage (unlike all screwdrivers etc.)